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Investing in Massage is an Investment in your Health and Wellness

~Massage & Bodywork Sessions~

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Payment: Cloud 9 Studio Accepts: Cash/Check or Charge

 Massage Therapy/Deep Tissue Massage


30 Minute    $30

60 Minute    $60

90 Minute    $90

120 Minute  $120

Techniques of swedish massage therapy, myofacial release, stretching, and neuromuscular therapy are blended to help you bounce back from any of life’s activities or injuries. All sessions are tailored to meet your wellness goals. 

~Decrease Chronic Pain 

~Decrease Chronic Tension 

~Improve Circulation

~Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion

~Quicker Recovery from Injury and Surgery

~Increase Energy and Ability to Focus

~Reduce effects of repetitive motion injury and fatigue

~Increase performance & Decrease soreness from strenuous physical activities

~Releases Endorphins (amino acids that work as the body's natural painkiller)


Craniosacral Therapy: Click to Learn More  Upledger Institute


30 Minute    $25

60 Minute    $50

90 Minute    $75

120 Minute  $100

This bodywork session utilizes gentle hands on techniques of craniosacral therapy to balance and restore flow in the nerve and craniosacral system. Feel the tension and stress melt away. 

~Reduces the effects of Stress and Anxiety

~Relief from Headache Pain

~Improves Sleep Quality

~Elevates Mood

~Increase Energy and Ability to Focus

~Boost Immune System

~Improved Digestion

~Releases Endorphins (amino acids that work as the body's natural painkiller)

~Ease conditions that can not tolerate deep work. 

Click to Learn More  Upledger Institute


Massage & Craniosacral Therapy

On Cloud 9

The Perfect Blend: Revitalize and Restore

This session combines various massage techniques to release tension and pain, as well as, the gentle work of craniosacral therapy to ease stress and unwind your body to create a session blended perfectly to relax and revitalize your body.  


30 Minute    $30

60 Minute    $60

90 Minute    $90

120 Minute  $120


Payment: Cloud 9 Studio Accepts: Cash/Check or Charge

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Medical Treatment 
Insurance Consultation and Treatment  
This includes a consultation (20-30mins) and 30 minutes of hands on work to set up your future treatment plan.  Documentation of medical necessity (doctor referral) is required to for insurance billing.  I bill directly to the insurance company and handle the paperwork for you. 
Rate: $60
Treatment Session
Length of treament and number of sessions is determined on a case by case basis. 
Rates: Medical Refferal

15 Minute    $30

30 Minute    $60

60 Minute    $120

90 Minute    $180


Private Event or Corporate Chair Massage
A Convenient way to Boost your Health and take a Break from the Build up of Stress.
~Chair massage is performed on site on a portable chair that requires only a small amount of space.  
~Massage sessions last from 5-20 minutes.  
~Participants can return to their activities immediately feeling reduced stress & tension, as well as more alert.  
10 to 30  Minute Sessions

$1 per minute

One Hour ( 5 - 10min Sessions) $50

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